Major gas infrastructures in France
    Existing and planned LNG terminals
    Underground storage sites for natural gas in Europe
    Evolution of the global LNG carrier fleet
    Natural gas distribution system operators in France
    Gas transmission operators in Europe
    Transmission system operators’ investment programmes in France


    Natural gas storage



    Breakdown of natural gas consumption in France
    Rate of inclusion of gas and electricity in new housing
    Seasonality of the consumption of natural gas in France
    Forecasted evolution of the annual consumption of natural gas
    Forecasted evolution of consumption peaks for natural gas
    Types of energy used for heating by type of housing
    Centralised production of electricity from natural gas
    Final energy consumption by sector in France
    Share of natural gas in Europe’s final consumption of energy
    Breakdown of the consumption of primary energy in France



    GHG emissions within the natural gas value chain
    Composition of natural gas consumed in Europe
    Carbon content of common fuels
    CO2 emissions by fuel type
    Evolution of biogas production in Europe
    Biogas production channels in Europe



    Evolution of the “Points d’Echange de Gaz” (PEG) activity in France
    Evolution of volumes traded on European markets
    Degree of liberalisation of the gas market in Europe
    Opening of gas and electricity markets in France
    Correlation between gas prices and oil product prices
    Evolution of the prices of natural gas in the main market zones
    Evolution of domestic prices of gas and electricity
    Comparison of gas prices paid by European consumers



    History of the world’s production of natural gas
    Global natural gas reserves (conventional and unconventional)
    Evolution of conventional natural gas reserves
    Sources of natural gas consumed in France
    Evolution of the sources of gas supplied to the EU-27 in 2011 vs 2010
    Imports of natural gas into the European Union
    Net imports of natural gas into Europe
    Energy independence and natural gas in Europe